The Secret Waterfalls Hike

A day of hiking in the creek and playing in the waterfalls


Overview: This is a 2 mile round trip, moderately difficult hike that takes about 3 to 5 hours and requires a fair amount of technical skill. It involves rock-hopping in the creek on slippery rocks in knee deep water and two challenging climbs utilizing ropes and a ladder. This hike is physically difficult and demanding, it requires great balance, good strength, and confidence for the technically difficult sections.

This hike begins with a fairly easy stroll down through a bamboo forest. Then we arrive in the creek bed where we rock hop up the creek to our first waterfall. There we can stop and play for awhile in the cool water and rest a bit. When we’re ready to move on, we have to climb up a 12-feet high, sheer rock, slippery slope next to the waterfall. There is a rope there that someone installed that helps us get up this section. At the top, we stroll through more bamboo for a short period, before we arrive at the next wonderful waterfall. This one’s even bigger and has a better swimming hole at the bottom of it. We usually spend about an hour at this one relaxing in the sun and cooling off. It’s quite a bit bigger and with deeper swimming holes, it’s got great cliff jumping spots. When we’re ready to move on, we face a bit of a challenge. We have to climb up a homemade ladder next to the waterfall to get up the sheer cliff face to the top of the falls. Once on top, we have to rock hop up through the creek bed in ankle deep water on some slippery rocks. Soon we hit a pool of water with sheer cliff on both sides. The pool winds up through the canyon and we have to swim approximately 30 yards to get up to the next beautiful waterfall. At the end of the swim, we have to climb up a cascading waterfall into the creek bed and rock hop another hundred yards or so up to the final waterfall. This one’s really tall, very beautiful and has a huge awesome swimming hole at the base of it with some pretty high cliff jumping. Often times, we’ll find ourselves the only ones there. It usually takes us about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to get up to the final waterfall. Once there, it’s nice to enjoy a snack, or our lunch, as we relax and play in the sun. The return hike usually takes no more than an hour because we're moving a little quicker. The whole day usually takes between five and six hours and is one of our best Maui guided hikes.