The Road to Hana

Sightseeing and playing in the Tropical Rain Forest of Maui


The Road to Hana Tour is a fun-filled day of traveling through the tropical rain forest along the north shore of Maui’s Haleakala Volcano. When you book a Road to Hana Tour with us, it’s just you, your family and friends, and your knowledgeable, professional guide. All of our tours are private, exclusive and fully customizable, including our road to Hana private tours in Maui. We never mix you with other people that you don’t know. That leaves us the flexibility of allowing you to pick and choose the sights and activities that interest you the most, and skip the ones that don’t. With our Maui road to Hana private tours, you also get to choose where you want to eat lunch. So, in that way, you get to customize the day to your interests and abilities. We provide most everything you’ll need like the ice chest with plenty of bottled water, walking sticks, insect repellent, sunscreen, beach towels, umbrellas and headlamps to explore the caves. And we are active guides -- we get out and play, swim, and hike with you. We’ll guide you into the waterfalls, caves, and beaches, and show you where it’s safe to swim and climb and jump. We also have an infant car seat as well as two booster seats for the little ones.  So when you book your private tour with us, you can leave the packing and planning to us. All you need to do is jump in and have fun!

The Hana Highway, aka, The Road to Hana, begins near the Kahului Airport and wraps all the way around the Haleakala Volcano. Along the way, we are treated to the incredible rain forest and ocean views, tropical waterfalls, black sand beaches, and even lava tube caves we can explore. We let you know what’s out there and you get to pick and choose where you want to go next and how long you want to stay. We also have many options for lunch once we get out to the Hana area. We’ll talk you through all those options, drive by and see who’s open and cooking, and then let you and your group decide where you want to eat. In that way, you get to customize your tour to your own interests and abilities. Most Road to Hana tours do the standard “out-and-back” along the north shore, driving out as far as Hana Town and then returning along the same route. When you choose that option, we save some of the “play stops” for the drive back. However, we have the option of doing the whole loop, all the way around the volcano, returning along the south shore of the Haleakala volcano. We also have the option of doing the whole loop counterclockwise. There are pros and cons to each option and your guide will discuss those options with you and let you decide which sounds best for your group. Regardless of which option you choose, the Road to Hana Tour is an awesome, fun-filled day with fun sights and activities for people of all ages. We tend to book up pretty far in advance so Contact Us now to check our availability and book your awesome, fully customizable, private Road to Hana Tour today. Mahalo.