Frequently Asked Questions

Will our tour be private?

Yes. All our tours are completely private and exclusive. It will be just you and your travel companions, friends or family. We never mix you with strangers. That way, we can give you options throughout the day and customize your tour to your own interests and abilities.

Can we customize our tour?

Yes. We never mix you with strangers. That way, we can give you options throughout the day and customize your tour to your own interests and abilities. Within what is legal, safe and ethical, we give you many choices throughout the day and you get to pick and choose the stops and venues and activities that sound good to you, and skip the ones that don’t. You even get to choose where you’d like to have lunch. We’ll give you all the information you need to make good, informed decisions, and you get make those choices.

How much will our tour cost?

For all our tours, we have a base rate of $750.00. That covers the first two participants. We then add $150 for each additional person. With the tax and booking fee, the baseprices for the Maui Island Tour, the Hiking Tours, the Libations Tours and the Farm Tours are as follows; 2 People = $826.25, 3 People = $991.50, 4 People = $1156.75, 5 People = $1322.00, 6 People = $1487.25, 7 People = $1652.50, 8 People = $1817.75, 9 People = $1983.00, 10 People = $2148.25 and 11 People = $2313.50. The Maui Island tour, the Libations tours and the Farm tours may incure other entry fees and tickets that will be added to the base price. We’ll discuss those options with you and make those reservations and then add those fees to the total cost. For the Road to Hana the prices above apply for people who need to be picked up in Ma’alaea, Kihei, Wailea, Makena, Wailuku, Kahului, the OGG Airport or the Kahului Harbor, Paia and other north shore towns and the Upcountry area. However, for the Road to Hana tour, if you are staying out on the west side in Lahaina, Ka’anapali, Napili, Kahana or Kapalua you can meet us at the Kahului Park and Ride or we can come pick you up for an additional $200 fee. We cover the entry fee to the Wai’anapanapa State park. For the Extreme tours you will be charged the base rate as quoted above plus the sum of any tickets or entry fees we purchase for you such as Paragliding, Zip lining, Sky diving, ultra-light aircraft flights, parasailing, personal watercraft rental and off roading rentals. Extreme tours must call us to talk about the options so we can check availabilities and prices and then we’ll give you a quote.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?



  1. Payment in full is required to reserve your tour. Payments can be made with a credit card through our company website or by calling (808) 344-9595. 
  1. There is a $100 “Non-Refundable Booking Fee” that shall be kept by Maui’s Private Guide for all customer-initiated cancellations. 
  1. Any request for a refund prior to 72 hours (3 days) of the scheduled tour start time is honored with a refund of the net amount paid to Maui’s Private Guide, minus the sum of the $100 Non-Refundable Booking Fee and any non-refundable tickets or entry fees purchased by Maui’s Private Guide for your tour. Cancellations, no-shows within the 72-hour period prior to the scheduled tour start time shall not be refunded.
  1. If Maui’s Private Guide is forced to cancel a paid tour due to weather, road hazards or closures, staffing shortages, vehicle shortage or breakdowns, payment will be refunded in its entirety. If Maui’s Private Guide is forced to cancel a tour due to a customer, or customers, lack of compliance with rules, regulations, safety measures or failing to sign the Liability Waiver, no refund will be given.
  1. Once the customer gets in the vehicle and the tour begins, no refunds will be given. If the customer choses to terminate the tour early and go back to the starting point, no refunds will be given. You don’t get to do the tour, decide it was not exactly what you were hoping for, and then demand a refund. Maui’s Private Guide makes no guarantees, written or implied that any given stop, venue, or activity will be open and doable. Nor do we guarantee that the south road, the Pi’ilani Highway will be open and doable on our Road to Hana tours. No refunds will be given because of road closures or detours. 
  1. Refunds may take up to 30 days from the scheduled tour date to be posted to your account.


What if it rains?

We don’t cancel for rain unless it is dangerous weather that would put our safety at risk. We try to reschedule people when we can but we offer no guarantees that we’ll have openings that work for you and us. However, some tours, such as the extreme tours, cannot operate in rain, for instance, paragliding and skydiving. If you are booked for an activity that will not operate in the rain, we will try to reschedule and if that doesn’t work out, we’ll refund you.

Can we bring our baby?

Yes, on some tours such as the Road to Hana the Farm tours and the Maui Island tour. Other tours are not appropriate for infants or small children such as the Extreme tours or, obviously, the Libations tours.

Can you accommodate infants, children and those with special needs?

Yes. On the tours that are appropriate for infants, we can provide an infant car seat. We also have two booster seats for the small children. Also, one of our vans has a large rear area that can fit walkers, a wheel chair or an electric scooter.

Can we bring our Komodo Dragon?

No, sorry.